Olenc - ‘Particles’

Nature scene records, 2021
Artwork by Ansambel (Klemen Ilovar, Nejc Prah)

Photography: Klemen Ilovar


  • The end / Blackholes
  • Dust
  • Sinclair I
  • Sinclair II
  • Skobec Skobec
  • Particles

Olenc’s debut EP ‘Particles’ combines six tracks written between 2018 and 2020. Selected tracks were created for the VR project ‘Dust’ (Michael Saup), theatre performances ‘Demian’ (Jana Menger, 2018) and ‘Blackholes’ (Bara Kolenc, 2018). Focusing on decomposition and the granulation of singular strings of cello, all tracks are conceptually constructed by zooming into the musical/sound matter. ‘Particles’ gives a macro-microcosmic sonic journey, full of tensions, contrasts and fragility; it constantly crosses a thin line between songform and sound sculpture, experimenting with spatial imaging, spectral processing and time manipulation.


Composed by Matevz Kolenc aka Olenc

Dust, Sinclair I
Produced and mixed by Matevz Kolenc

The end / Blackholes, Sinclair II, Skobec Skobec, Particles
Produced by Matevz Kolenc with additional Production by Yila

Mixed by Matevz Kolenc and Yila

Cello: Ema Kobal

Mastered by AI

Listen here: