Vita Osojnik: Tilted

Dance performance with visual and sound installations, PTL 2022

Is it a maze or a labyrinth? A maze has an entrance and an exit, while in labyrinth, the entrance is also the exit. A labyrinth takes people through themselves. /V. Osojnik/

concept/movement: Vita Osojnik
sound/AV: Matevž Kolenc
lighting installations: Tilen Sepič (Clouds

, Eclipse); students of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana), mentor: Assoc. prof. dr. Tomaž Novljan and assist. prof. dr. Matej Kobav (Portal)*; Mitja Cerkvenik
light: Janko Oven
costume: Tina Pavlin
creative producer: Katja Somrak